Brochus – Singular Classics

Brochus is an experimental brewery located in Antwerp, Belgium. We refine our recipes until we reach an ultimate harmony between the ingredients. To be able to explore as much as possible, every recipe is brewed only once. Only the absolute best are released. Once.
Thus, every time you unpack one of our bottles, that recipe is brought one step closer to its end. At the same time, you help bring a new creation to life.

We put an incredible amount of devotion into developing our beers. In 2 years of commercial brewing, we’ve done over a hundred different recipes. Thanks to our different partners, we’ve been to present you two of them on a slightly larger volume.

Red Ale

Red Ale. Intense malt characterd, well- rounded bitterness. Only 2974 bottles produced.

The experiments that lead to this masterpiece began shortly after the founding of the brewery. We started adding small amounts of black malts to Scottish ales to get a subtle roast. A little while later we started balancing the amount to get a reddish hue in our ordinary bitters. There is a very thin line between too much and too little. This eventually lead us to brewing a very delicate Irish red ale. Already quite excited, we amped up the maltbase and balanced out the bitterness accordingly. Manly tears were shed.
Plenty of caramel malts and a dash of roasted barley give a deep red color and an abundance of flavour. After a few moments in the glass, hints of red fruit and nuts enter the stage.
Only 2974 bottles produced.

Mild Bruin

Mild Bruin. Hints of chocolate, slight acidity. Only 3318 bottles produced.

It’s no secret that we like to work with roasted malts. We’ve brewed several Stouts and Porters. The British varieties are especially interesting because of their rich flavour and drinkability. This however, is no Stout or Porter In our Mild Brown, unmalted wheat gives a slight acidic tone. This gives the beer it’s unique character. Combining the coffee- and chocolate of the roasted malt with the acidity of the wheat, is no easy feat. Maris Otter Pale Ale makes for a great background. Caramelised barley smoothens the transition to the roasted malt. Caramelised wheat malt allows the unmalted wheat to integrate in the whole. East Kent Goldings provides a delicate bitterness and rich aroma.


If you’re a professional, contact us on roel@brochus.com.